Since the release of my book last week (A Different Kind of Poison: How Legalism Destroys Grace), copies have been selling at a much “higher than anticipated” rate (to purchase the book on Amazon, click here). All glory goes to God! So far, most of the conversations and discussions that have been taking place are very fruitful. Below are some of the comments people are saying about the book:

“Kevin does a great job describing what it’s like growing up with legalism. He describes what I myself have gone through and still is going through. This book gives me hope. I know I’m not alone!”

“Great book. His personal experience with legalism makes it much more applicable to many. Legalism is a vague term but he defines it so well. Legalism is everywhere in Christian groups even though they teach grace. The book helps us see legalism in ourselves and not just others or the group we might be with or groups we might condemn for being legalistic”

“I think this book could be the next ‘Muscle and Shovel’ craze that hit the coC.”

“Very few books, outside of the Bible, are able to explain the missing ingredient from fundamental Christian religion. Kevin does that very well in this book. You will enjoy reading his personal story and gain insight from his thorough reflection.”

At the same time, not everybody is excited about my new book. It has gained the attention of several preachers and elders who are not too happy with it. Some Christians are even being warned and encouraged not to read it. They are saying you shouldn’t read my book! Here are some of those comments below:

“Praying for Kevin to repent and come back to the truth he once preached.”

“The ‘freedom’ Kevin promulgates is borne from a desire to do what he wants to do and then hide behind grace. Weak, very weak.”

“I will not give this book any of my time because I have the Bible to guide me. I will not allow a poorly disguised wolf in sheep’s clothing to sway me from the truth. I’ll be praying that you will come back to the truth.”

“Kevin just married a liberal and then went liberal.”

“He is a promoter of disobedience and no longer cares about the Bible”

Why? Why are such strong (and false) accusations being made against me and the book? Take a look at all of those accusations above and notice what is missing. There is not one accusation that says “Kevin was wrong in the past and he is changing and wanting to do what is right.”

This is the type of closed-off environment many Christians have created for themselves. This type of bullying and intimidation makes Christians want to remain silent for fear of being accused of any of the above accusations and more. I will not be silenced or intimidated. Several people have told me they are having to read the book in secret right now out of fear of what might happen to them for just reading the book.

I was always taught to “test all things” (1 Thess. 5:21) and to “test the spirits” (1 Jn. 4:1) to see what is right and wrong. Why are people so afraid of a book they haven’t even read yet? If what I say is true, then accept it. If it isn’t, then reject it.

Some have proclaimed that the reason they won’t read it is because they do not want to “financially support it.” Therefore, I want to lay an offer on the table. For those who are interested in reading the book (but truly feel like they can’t buy it because it would go against their conscience to financially support it), I will send you a free electronic copy. All you have to do is e-mail me at kevin@kevinpendergrass.com.

In this book, I attempt to give you my belief and my life unedited. It is my honest evaluation of where I was and where I am now. If you have or have had some of the same questions that I had, then I believe you will enjoy and benefit from this book. Instead of believing the false accusations going around about me and the book, perhaps I am just a young man who studied my Bible and began to realize that what I once taught was not accurate. Perhaps I realized the inconsistency and unbiblical legalistic teachings I defended for many years.

I do not believe I have some special knowledge. On the contrary, I am just now realizing that I do not have a corner on truth. It is because of my respect for the all-sufficiency of Scripture that I have changed. I do not see myself as going down a slippery slope. Rather, I am trying to climb the logical ladder of truth.

As I have stated many times before, I haven’t forsaken the old paths; I am trying to walk in them. I do not believe that I have discovered something new. I just believe that I have simply recognized something very old. I believe that I have recognized something that many brethren before me also recognized. I must love Jesus enough to realize that my alliance is to the head of the church (Christ) and not the church itself. May God bless us all in His grace, mercy, and love as we seek to do His will! To purchase the book on Amazon, click here. 

– Kevin Pendergrass