QUESTION: Did the enemies of Jesus steal His body from the tomb?

ANSWER: No, the enemies did not steal the body of Jesus from the tomb. If the enemies of Jesus wanted to shut down Jesus and His followers, then why would they attempt to give any validity to Him by making it look like He was resurrected? This doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

This also doesn’t explain the conviction of the disciples and other eyewitness testimony. They all claimed to have seen Jesus resurrected. This theory does not account for this. Furthermore, this doesn’t explain why the enemies of Jesus tried to say that the disciples stole the body of Jesus. They would have exposed Christianity by saying they stole the body and that He was never resurrected at all.

If indeed the enemies stole the body, then they would have immediately stopped Christianity in its tracks on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 when Christianity began. Jesus was publicly executed in Jerusalem; yet, 50 days later Christianity started in Jerusalem claiming that Jesus had been resurrected.

In the climate of Jerusalem, a corpse’s hair, stature, and distinctive wounds would have been identifiable; even after fifty days. If the enemies of Jesus would have had His body, they would have defused Christianity before it had a chance to get off the ground! If they stole the body, why did they not expose the disciples’ lie?

Instead, they maintained the position that it was really the disciples who took the body. They never produced the body. What did they have to gain by concealing the most powerful evidence conceivable against the resurrection? Imagine how devastating it would have been for the disciples had the Jews paraded Jesus’ rotting corpse before the many thousands on Pentecost. No, the enemies of Jesus did not steal His body. Jesus was resurrected.

– Kevin Pendergrass

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