Thank you for visiting my website. Just in case the web address didn’t give it away, my name is Kevin Pendergrass. I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama and am blessed to have a wonderful family. I am married to Bethany Pendergrass – the most wonderful woman in the world! I began preaching when I was 17 and I graduated from the East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions (now known as the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies) in 2008.

After graduating, I spent over 6 years living in Oklahoma working as a full-time minister, evangelist, formal debater, and co-host for The Gospel of Christ international television and radio program. During the course of this time, I held to and taught some very legalistic and pharisaical teachings. While I had the best of intentions, my zeal certainly outweighed my knowledge. My intent to do what was right was often times discredited by my judgmental attitude, my closed mind, and my arrogant behavior.

Through continual study, humbling experiences, and honest reflection, I came to understand more fully my own shortcomings, my desperate need for the grace of God, and the freedom we have as Christians in Christ. Having a more open mind has not only given me the opportunity to consider doctrinal beliefs from a more objective perspective, but it has also changed my disposition to be more accepting towards those whom I may not always agree.

I hope this website will challenge your thinking, cause you to go deeper in God’s word, and ultimately help you develop an everlasting relationship with Jesus. If you would like to be added to the newsletter list, or if you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at kevin@kevinpendergrass.com.