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Just in case the web address didn’t give it away, my name is Kevin Pendergrass! Thanks for visiting my Bible blog. I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama and am blessed to have a wonderful family. I am married to Bethany Pendergrass, the most wonderful woman in the world! I began preaching when I was 17 and I graduated from the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies in 2008. After graduation, I spent over 6 years living in Oklahoma working as a full-time minister and co-host for The Gospel of Christ international television and radio program.  I now work with Pendergrass Promos, a promotional products, branded merchandise and apparel company. I encourage you to check out our site.

I am not infallible nor is my understanding of the Scripture. I haven’t arrived nor have I figured it all out, but I do know Jesus and try my best to objectively find His will in my life and humbly seek to know Him better every day. There are also other authors who, from time to time, write on this blog as well. You can use the search engine and/or the category section to find various articles and studies on my blog. Some articles are short while others are longer studies. I pray that this website will benefit you in some way. Thanks again for visiting my website and feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or comments (kevinpendergrass@gmail.com). May God bless you in His grace and mercy.

- Kevin



Honestly, lovingly and sincerely dealing with biblical matters